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Pastor John Stroupe  Communion Service    3/30/2008 
Pastor Jerry Valen  Jerry Valen    4/6/2008 
Dale Moore  Making Godly Decisions    6/15/2008 
Pastor Jerry Valen  Reflections of an Old Man    7/20/2008 
Russ Gibler  No Fear of Physical Death for the Believer    8/17/2008 
Pastor Jerry Valen  God Manifest in the Flesh    10/5/2008 
Colin McDougal  My Prayer for the Church (a case study of the church at Ephesus)    11/2/2008 
Debbie Steele  Baptist Women's Spring Meeting - Part I    3/7/2009 
Debbie Steele  Baptist Women's Spring Meeting - Part II    3/7/2009 
Pete Steele  Rejoicing in God's Faithfulness - Psalm 65    3/8/2009 
Pastor John Stroupe  God's Desire in Difficult Times    3/15/2009 
Pete Steele  Psalm 18 - Who is God to You?    6/14/2009 
Pastor Brad Wickett  Handling the Curves of Life    7/5/2009 
Pastor Bill Ford  Consumer Christianity    7/12/2009 
Pastor Jerry Valen  The Master's Plan    7/19/2009