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Caleb Suko  Missionary to Odessa, Ukraine    9/3/2017 
Colin Ovenell  The Gospel Lived: Extending Grace Through Jars of Clay  Sharing the Gospel  9/18/2016 
David Bjork  What in the World is God Doing?    8/13/2017 
David Lunsford  Warm Fuzzies    6/4/2017 
Ethan Molsee  Hope in the Midst of Trials    6/11/2017 
Kenneth Stroupe  Do Something    7/31/2016 
Missionary  No Sermon Audio This Week     9/11/2016 
Steve Thomas  Give it Away    2/28/2016 
Pastor Andrew Scott  When Defeat Strikes    4/3/2016 
Pastor Andrew Scott  Some Assembly Required  Scriptural Responses to Worldly Matters  7/3/2016 
Pastor Andrew Scott  Youth Culture  Sharing the Gospel  9/4/2016 
Pastor Andrew Scott  All in Good Time  New Life in the Same Old Place  10/9/2016 
Pastor Andrew Scott  Redeemed Worship  Easter Changes Everything  4/30/2017 
Pastor Andrew Scott  The Scarlet Letter    6/25/2017 
Pastor Andrew Scott  The Lukewarm Church  Facing an Uncertain Future with Certainty  7/23/2017