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Sermon Series
ABWE Missionaries  Missionary Update    1/29/2012 
Boris Lasar  Boris and Wendy Lasar - Missionaries to Croatia  Missions Conference 2010  9/20/2010 
Brandon Weber  Brandon & Kate Weber - Missionaries to Ghana  Missions Conference 2009  9/23/2009 
Caleb and Christina Suko  Suko Missions Report  Missionaries to Ukraine  7/6/2014 
Chuck Porter  Porters - Missionaries to Peru  Missions Conference 2008  9/21/2008 
Clare Jewell  Grace-Based Living    11/8/2015 
Colin McDougal  My Prayer for the Church (a case study of the church at Ephesus)    11/2/2008 
Colin Ovenell  Redeeming the Time    8/4/2013 
Colin Ovenell  The Gospel Lived: Extending Grace Through Jars of Clay  Sharing the Gospel  9/18/2016 
Dale Moore  Making Godly Decisions    6/15/2008 
Dan Weimer  Weimers - Missionaries to Alaska  Missions Conference 2008  9/24/2008 
Darrell Beddoe  Why Are We Doing This?    8/7/2011 
David Sauder  The Greatness of Marriage  Foundations for a Life of Value  10/28/2012 
Dean & Julia Langley - Missionaries to Ireland  Life Storms That Follow a Lake Tempest    4/11/2010 
Debbie Steele  Baptist Women's Spring Meeting - Part I    3/7/2009